Baby, It’s (Gonna Get) Cold Outside

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OK, you hot, humid, sticky southern towns that think you’re so awesome because you got a few flakes of snow. Yes, I’m looking at you, Houston and New Orleans. Back off. Don’t be crowing about your “winter.” Just because your temperatures drop below 50 degrees for a day or two and a few confused snowflakes flutter to the ground doesn’t mean that you know what Winter is all about.

Because this weekend, Great Falls is going to do Winter right:

Sub-zero temps coming to Montana!

I kid, I kid…having lived in south Texas for many years, I remember how magical it was to see ANY amount of snow, even knowing that it won’t stick or last more than a few minutes or so.

Our forecast says that we could hit -29 degrees (before wind-chill)…whoa. People often ask me why I don’t wear a jacket on days like today (30 or 40 degrees), and I reply – no snark intended – that I’ll wear my jacket when it gets cold. Yeah, -29 qualifies as “cold” and will definitely have me sporting a coat.


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