More Diamond-y Goodness!

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I’m beginning to wonder if Allyson at Diamonds By Design has gone crazy – every time I turn around, her sale just gets better and better! Check out this flyer I got today:

Diamonds By Design - HUGE SALE!

So if you’re looking for a perfect Christmas (or New Year’s!) gift, you might want to print this out and head on downtown on Saturday or Sunday.



  1. Abigail with the gravy pipe on

    “Register to win a free gift!”

    If you win it, isn’t it already free?
    If it’s a gift, isn’t it (again) already free?

  2. Just means prices were overly inflated in the first place. Every jewelry store on the planet does the same thing with similar blow out sales.

    Anyone been in Corral West to see all the great close out sales? Everything was marked up to discount down to an unremarkable price.

    Not a cut against the business owners. However this is nothing more than a marketing frenzy to suck you in.

  3. You’re right of course, Lance — but still, isn’t it better to get huge discounts on retail pricing than to NOT get huge discounts on retail pricing? 🙂

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