The Blitz & Rock Hog

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Well, two of the new stations are broadcasting, and I’ve listened to them a little bit while driving around town.
The Blitz at 101.7 (KZUS) is, as expected, very much like K-99: urban, rap, Top 40, etc. I don’t care for the format, but my teenager loves it.
The Rock Hog at 102.7 (KEAU) is indeed hard/modern rock (although I’ve heard three AC/DC songs already – yay!); they seem to be trying to bring back the sound of the “X” format that used to live at 107.3. There definitely is a market for that genre, so I think they’ll do OK.



  1. I’ve sampled the new rock station…fairly typical of a mainstream rock station, newer charting music and recurrents. Too much “pop-rock” for me, but I must confess I’m digging Saving Abel.

  2. First of all 101.7 is a rip off from the Heat @ 100.3, only that fat cow cant do it right. Watch for low ratings.

    102.7, yea it might do ok, but again its the cow trying to rip off someone elses idea.

    If the station owner was smart, he’d fire those losers and hand the stations creative content over to the geniuses behind the heat @ 100.3, it was around 6 months, but managed to grab a 16 share and closed circuit on base. Along with exclusive club gigs, and hot women who wanted to be Heat girls.

  3. First off, why would they want to copy a station that tanked in 6 months? They already have grabbed alot of K99’s sponsors and listeners. If this “Cow” you speak of is Tammie Toren, I think she’s doing great! All my kids and thier friends talk about is The Blitz, how great being able to connect with a station and talk to the DJs and get them to play whatever they want to hear! I personally don’t like the top 40/Rhythmic format, I love the Rock Hog, but go Tammie and all of you at the Blitz/Rock Hog!! Ignorance like yours amuses me…

  4. BigBoyMT, You are absolutely correct, my friend. Who in their right mind would want to “Rip off” a Station that tanked quickly. “The Heat” was not properly managed, not properly maintained, & obviously, not Programmed for the long run. Their DJ”s seldom got paid, and were worthless anyhow. I have worked with Tammie for over 7 years at Fisher & if that is who “cjbigsky” is talking about, you are sadly mistaken. Tammie is a consumate Pro when it comes to, not only Programming a Station, but tapping into the listeners as well. Her background is steller & believe that “The Heat” were actually trying to immulate K-99(Only in an ignorant way). Best of luck to Tammie & I would only say, if you don’t like the Station, Turn the dial:)

  5. There are no logos online for these 3 radio stations. I am really disappointed. I emailed them a couple times with no response. One of the best things about radio stations is their streaming and logos. Next is the music and DJs. I want to see logos!

  6. COW?! Are you kidding? Gee golly there guys… you know so friggin’ much about radio? jump right on in there! Try pleasing a bunch of wannabe’s like y’selves while a bunch of those like you criticize others for taking a chance. At least those of us who pave the way for your sorry, pathetic butts have the satisfaction and foresight to realize that people like you are left behind… with nothing left but the choking dust from our hard work and dedication. KUDO’s to Destiny for being new.

  7. It is truly a shame that there are few that are within the listening area lacking intelligence and common sense. Without friendly competition, stations will become stagnant and eventually fade off. I think introducing new markets encourage ideas and each feed the other. As for the comment of “cow”, you show your ignorance, thus are no better that the prejudges we face in this world right now. For all of our sake, please refrain from voicing your opinion in the future. We could all do well without the noise pollution.

  8. I wish you would have your playlists up, like what you have played so that when someone hears a song they like they can come on to this web site and look at it and then they could buy the cd or download.

  9. most of the time you can listen to the lyrics of a song and google it with a phrase from the song… You just need to remember it and write it down maybe.

  10. 102.7 ROCKS!!! I only wish they would turn up their amplifier. Other stations broadcast much louder than 102.7, but no one plays the great songs that the ROCK HOG plays!

    Keep it up Hog.

  11. Call it green rock too… We utilized as much power as we could get with as little plate current as we could use. The end result? A crisp, clean sound with no mid and no high frequency splashing coupled with less white noise. We prefer not to sacrifice sound quality in order to be the loudest station on the planet. Instead, we rely on you, our listeners, to provide the volume. We just provide the rockiest rock around… period.

    Keep listening! You guys make us wanna rock!


  12. Really enjoy The Hog. As a 47 year old rocker I really enjoy the latest new rock. Helps lift my spirits during my bouts of cabin fever. I wish they had a website though. Would like to see the playlist so that I can purhase CD’s of many of the bands I have been hearing.

  13. 102.7 Straight up blows. You can hear these artists at least twice an hour on it. Nickelback, Godsmack, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ozzy, and many more. Please stop playing the same $h!t

  14. Hello where are the websites for these stations? I still haven’t seen the Rock Hog logo. It’s very disappointing compared to other stations who just flip and get new websites right away. Dave please send me the logo. Thank you.

  15. i really want to see the logos. I can’t believe the lack of graphic imagination people have to not design a website.

  16. ok haha so the stations rock(: Tammie Toren is my mom so if you dick-faces realy wanna talk shit on her id eather go to her FACE or me. realy? haha you guys sound like my friends at school. and im only 14! thats so immature. anyways.
    i ( of course ) love the new stations(: the people who run K-99 are mean….and well they have no clue on how to program a real modern station. with the way they arrange there songs and the times they have there dj’s….ugh it’s just not how it was when my mom was on there. But..anyways…Tammie Toren kicks-ass and if you guys dont think so you can eather shut up, or shove something in there to make it shut up. whores. anyways. all you belevers of the new stations, you guys are awsome(: KUDOS to you. Thanks for the support. And you will hear my name in the radio buisness in time to come..ill follow in what both my parents do for a wile(: well yea…latter(:

  17. oh and rush…a tatoo artist made the logos(: i forget the name of the place he works at but if you see him. tell him you like the logos..please and thank you(:

  18. wow… ugh, BAMF! If that really is who you are… picking on a 14 year old girl. You show true class. Unfortunately, it’s all low class. As for Taylor, I think it’s absolutely cool that you’re becoming involved in your community. Not many kids your age do. You should prove to be a truly influential person. Sorry guys, I forgot who did the logos and it was a hospital thang fer a while.

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