The Blitz & Rock Hog

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Well, two of the new stations are broadcasting, and I’ve listened to them a little bit while driving around town.
The Blitz at 101.7 (KZUS) is, as expected, very much like K-99: urban, rap, Top 40, etc. I don’t care for the format, but my teenager loves it.
The Rock Hog at 102.7 (KEAU) is indeed hard/modern rock (although I’ve heard three AC/DC songs already – yay!); they seem to be trying to bring back the sound of the “X” format that used to live at 107.3. There definitely is a market for that genre, so I think they’ll do OK.



  1. Well to this day I still haven’t seen anything cuz I’m not in the area. Can’t someone here take a pic and send via email of their logos?

  2. No I’m not a stalker! I guess I’m just obsessed with logos which is why I want to go into graphioc design as a career.

  3. Hey Scotty go downtown and look on the side of the stations building. There is the logo in all of its glory.

  4. Wouldn’t you rather they put their effoerts into producing great raidio stations than creating a flashy website for crapy stations

  5. I know I would rather have them concentrate on better music. I dont know how much longer I can listen o Nickelback.

  6. Regarding HOG being louder. The station should be at least within 2dB of it’s competitors so that when changing stations the volume is not a dramatic drop off, or increase. This is typical in bigger markets. HOG and it’s sister stations should do that same.

    CHR/Mainstream shouldn’t be playing “rap” unless it’s on the Hot 100.

  7. Agreed about no websites. Whether you contract locally, or with Mediaspan or Inter Tech, the stations should have a web presence. This is the 21st century. Additionally all stations should be involved with social networks, ie Facebook. For the CHR, Myspace.

    Streaming costs…but if sponsored the costs are taken care of. Destiny needs to look to Spacial Audio or other companies.

  8. The Rock Hog has been a nice change but like the late X, it started out playing a lot of hard rock, but over time, it went limp. The playlist slowly shifted genre to top 40 pop. If I want pop, I’d listen to shitty 98.9. I agree with Big Ass Mutha Fucker, I can’t tolerate much more Nickleback. I gave The X a hard time back then and all they told me was they played what was popular. Rock Hog, please don’t sell out. Stay true to the name Rock Hog, play hard rock even if it isn’t what 90% of the population wants to hear. I just don’t want to hear the same music on 102.7 as I can hear on another local channel. All in all, the Rock Hog is cool. Thank you and keep rockin!

  9. Radio is a business. It’s main objective is to pick a format that targets a certain demographic and to appeal to as many people within that demographic as possible.

    If a mainstream rock, then the target is Men 25-54. That means Nickelback.

    Radio is a mass medium. Not a medium for the few.

    Radio is about making money. The more that listen to your station means the more people that will potentially hear the commercials that are being paid for by advertisers.

    Believe it or not a tight playlist increases cume. It’s a fact. I don’t like it any more than you do…but a tight playlist does work.

    Cume is gained through marketing only. Once the cume comes to the station, then you have to keep them there. A tight playlist will do that. Play the hits, old or new, play the hits. TSL, Time Spent Listening, is what you need to do with that Cume (those already at the party). TSL is kept high by the correct playlist, in the correct order, with engaging talent, promotions, incentives, etc.

    Just remember, radio is there to make money. If too much Nickelback, use an iPod.

  10. I realize broadcasting networks are businesses and time is money. No matter what the business discipline, its measure of success is how profitable it is. My question is, why open a new business and offer a product that over half of which can be found somewhere else? Why open a lemonade stand next to a lemonade stand. One could proclaim their product is superior to the competitor but in the end, it is still lemonade. This is Great Falls Montana. People, including the dog, will hump the leg off anything new, be it trend or fad. That is why anything new here starts off hot but eventually cools. My point in my previous post is the fact that I already see the same trend with the Rock Hog as the late X. How long did the X last? Nothing personal radiovet, but the bottom line is, go mainstream and it will just blend in with the rest.

  11. If someone has a large piece of a particular pie, why not try to cut their piece in half? In this case, ratings and money.

    Sampling, as you point out, will be high for “new” stations. It’s then up to the mgmt at those stations to keep the Cume, those new ears, around. That’s done with marketing, positioning/branding, more marketing, and talent and contesting.

    When contesting, the only thing that is truly a winner is money. Money is tangible. And make the amounts real. Give away $100 a day, everyday. Even weekends. Do it ALL the time. Get it sponsored. Call it a “Cash Bribe”… “The Blitz has the best listeners money can buy”. In fact… do the contest across all brands. More reach and frequency for the advertiser.

    An active rock format as no long life span. The product isn’t there. And most importantly, it’s not advertiser friendly. Mainstream, a mix of recurrents and classic rock, is a good way to go. It cumes off active rock and classic.

    Who does it better will be the big factor. With Destiny having a TV station to provide free marketing, they get the edge.

  12. # BAMF Says:
    April 5th, 2009 at 11:04 am

    Hey Scotty go downtown and look on the side of the stations building. There is the logo in all of its glory.


    I can’t do that. I live over a 1000 miles away. I need this logo sent to me. I have asked and asked and still have not gotten it. Where is it??

  13. Scotty you are a wierd MOFO. You live 1000 miles away and need these logos sent to you. Have you even listened to the station and how did you here about it?

  14. No I admit I haven’t. But I want to get everyone one and am really bummed these stations don’t even have websites yet. I hear about this because I have a yearly subscription to But I don’t like being called a weird MOFO. I think that was a mean thing to say. I did not mean to come across that way.

  15. Well Scotty, I must admit. You are coming off as a weird MOFO. As much as you are trying not to. For 20 bucks I will go down snap a photo of it and mail it to you. Hows that sound?

  16. I rather like the Blitz, I don’t hear the same songs playing every hour like I do on K99. I also like that they play the less mainstream music too. I get tired of hearing the same top 40 billboard songs over and freaking over again.

  17. I like the Blitz. It’s not like all the other stations. They take chances and play songs that no one else plays and that’s what I look for in a radio station. Cudos for taking a chance and being original. It’s a format that is sure to succeed. I would also like to see logos and a web site, but I’m sure that will come later.

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