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I’ve been wanting to post an entry about radio for a long time, and with the news that we will be getting three new stations, here we go! This is what I listen to, generally in order of how often I listen:

– Always enjoy KEIN on 1310 am – the Music Of Your Life, aka The Great American Songbook. I know it’s not local, but I need my daily fix of Sinatra, Torme, Goodman, Clooney, and other great singers & bands.

– Usually check in a few times daily at KQDI at 1450 am; love Michael Savage, sometimes O’Reilly. Hannity, not so much…even when he’s right, he’s annoying. KQDI is the only “talker” station in town. Wish we had a local talk show so folks could call in and chat about stuff like community events, local government, downtown police, schools, traffic, history, and other “talk-worthy” subjects.

– SAM at 107.3 (KINX) is awesome – usually. The “Jack” format is great and isn’t restricted to one genre or type of music. I love hearing Duran Duran followed by AC/DC followed by Barry White.

KLFM at 92.9 (“ninety-two-cool”) is a must-listen with a staple of classic oldies (Marvin Gaye, Beach Boys, etc) even though it is moving ever-closer to modern times. Wouldja believe that they’ve played “But Not Tonight” by The New Cars at least three times? Hardly an oldie – but it is a goodie.

KTZZ at 93.7 is great for classic rock, and it’s fun to switch between it and Z-101 (KZMT) Helena, since they both play mostly the same feed.

KGPR (89.9) is great for jazz, occasional late-night new wave stuff, some themed shows, and an occasional news update via All Things Considered. Used to listen to Morning Edition, back in the days when I had to drive to work before the sun came up.

KQDI (106.1) offers up some good classic rock, but has taken a noticeable shift forward in the last year, playing modern stuff (Nickelback?) that I just don’t like.
KVVR (97.9) and the KAAK (K-99) stations – bleh. Not much there. Once in a while I’ll hear a decent song on The River, but it’s rare.

– Not much of a country/western music guy, but I have enjoyed the “Grassroots Gold” program with Dave & Jim (104.9, KIKF) periodically. And KMON at 94.5 has a special place in my heart, since Hershey & Bejay were kind enough to have me on their show a couple times.

And that’s it. How about you? Any favorites? Any genres or formats you wish we had?
ALSO: Here’s a complete list of radio stations for our area.



  1. Morning Dave!! Been awhile since I’ve left an opinion over here, although I always check you out daily for the “real news”!! About the radio stations you listen to, I’m happy that you think “SAM” is the only one you called “Awesome”. It really is unique in it’s own way. Although it is not a “Jack” FM, “SAM” is quite similar. I had the pleasure of working 7 years with the late Dave The Morning guy, Tammie, & others at Fisher, putting “The X” together, running for 3 years & then a Format flip came (SAM), so we had to build that format, due to corporate decision. I left soon after & of course still kinda miss being on the air sometimes. Speaking of Tammie Toren, God bless her and the difficult year she has had & I couldn’t be happier for her & her family that she will be back on the air at a different place. She deserves a breath of fresh air. I’ll be listening Tammie!! Oh, what do I listen to since I’ve been off the air? Well, I have 2 little ones, 6 & 8, & they have me hooked on K-99….Bring back “The X”!!! Jared Walker

  2. I would love to see Great Falls have a radio station that focuses more on indie rock. Check out the river 94.9 out of Boise. It is an amazing radio station. I for one don’t think we need another K-99 or top 40. Give me a station that includes new light rock, indie style, heck even some classics (floyd,zepplin) and throw in some bob marley. Can’t be that hard…right? O yeah, can we skip the cheesey fisher radio comercials.

  3. Good morning 93.7! Rock on! Wondering if you have any back stage passes to Pat Benatar & Journey? I am one of the OLD timer rockers who grew up with Pat and Journey. I have the vinal albums and hope to get them authgraphed. This thought i’d put the request out there.

    Semper Fi,
    Dirk USMCRet.

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