New Radio Stations

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This is cool: Great Falls will be getting THREE new radio stations! I’m a huge radio guy, so this is great news. And I love that there will be local programming, at least on two of them. My radio mainstays are KEIN (1310 AM) and SAM (107.3 FM), for about 50% of my radio listening, and while I love their formats, I also know that they are “syndicated” — not too much local about them.

Here’s the lineup that was announced in the Trib article:

KZUS at 101.7 FM will be called “The Blitz” and feature Top 40 music. Hm. Not much of a Top 40 fan, but I’m sure they’ll sneak some other stuff in, too; they’ve got to differentiate themselves from 98.9 in some way. This station holds some promise.

KEAU at 102.7 FM will be “The Rock Hog” and offer mainstream rock. Not sure what that means – will it focus solely on “modern” stuff like (I’m showing my age here) Creed and Nickelback? Or will it focus on rock-n-roll in a broader sense? I hope the latter.

KUUS at 103.9 FM will be “The Sports Dog” – no interest to me, but I’m sure that sports fans will enjoy FM-quality radio instead of the AM sound of 1400 AM.

And the article notes that radio veteran Tammie Toren will be spearheading these stations – hooray for Tammie!



  1. I love the Rock Hog, it’s what we’ve waited for since they shut down the X. I do have one question, since there is no live dj, and they don’t announce the songs and artists, how do i find out about certain songs? Thanks. Victoria

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