Little Dogs Lost

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Got an e-mail from Ron this morning – he has two new “friends” and needs some help getting them back home:

I had 2 very friendly dogs take up residence on my porch (in 300 block of Skyline Drive NW) very early this morning. I don’t know how they got here, but they are not wandering off, either. E-mail me at ron.grimshaw AT if you recognize them. They showed up here about 2am Thursday morning. The lighter-brown lab is an older male with a slight limp, and the chocolate brown lab is a healthy female. The wife thinks they live just up the road, at a horse corral on 6th street NW.



  1. The male looks a lot like my Cobie, who is sitting beside me gnawing on a bone right now. I would be WRECKED if he were missing. I hope those babies have been reunited with their owner(s) who I hope take good care of them.

  2. Dogs were let out this morning to use the bathroom, wandered off, and have not come back. I presume they remembered where their home is, and went there. Thanks, Dave, for the post anyway.


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