Burger Master Farewell

Heard that the Burger Master on 10th Avenue South is going to be torn down tomorrow (Wed). Sad. But in its place, we will have a shiny-new Sonic Drive-In. Sonic is OK – not great, but worth having.

Click here to see our farewell to Burger Master; we waited in line for one hour and twenty-six minutes on the day before it closed, and it was worth it!

Burger Master in Great Falls closes

A co-worker mentioned today that the too-cool Burger Master ramp was one of the informal “tests” that new teen drivers had to learn to navigate upon being granted their licenses!

Dad Chimes In

Time once again for another installment of Dad Chimes In, a semi-regular series in which my father, a retired Air Force physician in Texas, offers his punny take on a recent Greater Falls entry. Ready?

DavidI: I love TENNIS, , as you know. But TENNIS in cow pen area? No NET gain there! Maybe Anna Kournikova and I could have a LOVE MATCH. With that low ceiling you run a risk with a LOB(ectomy), but that would be a NO-BRAINER!!! With good vision you might win a game at sunSET–and in conclusion I am STRINGING along your readers. Boy, if you read this corny paragraph and don’t have a STROKE. you are a WINNER!!!!!!!! Get the POINT?

You may commence groaning now.

Tennis, Anyone?

Great Falls is not the best place to live if you enjoy playing tennis year-round, as evidenced by this fellow who discovered tennis courts at the ExpoPark fairgrounds:

I eyed the cows in the pens and they eyed me. At the other end of the building, I could make out the old white lines of a tennis court – one baseline was right by a metal garage door, one sideline right next to a wall, and the ceiling was only about 11 feet high, about half a lob. This meant you couldn’t get back for deep balls on one end, you couldn’t get past the sideline near the wall, you couldn’t lob, and if you hit a ball wide on the other side, it would end up among the cows, moooooo/adios.

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