Thanksgiving Wrap

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What a great Thanksgiving. Enjoyed a delicious meal at K & L’s lovely home, and we feasted on turkey, ham, all the sides, and some awesome pies. Turkey: it’s good anytime, but doesn’t it just taste absolutely perfect on Thanksgiving? And although I was tempted to overdo it, I limited my dessert selection to one slice each of chocolate meringue and pumpkin. Mmmmmm. Today, I’m regretting my decision not to sample the apple and cherry pie…but there’s always next year! Huge thanks to K & L for the hospitality, and to Gilda for the cooking and the lively conversation!

So how about you? Did you enjoy your Thanksgiving? Anything unusual or out of the ordinary? Did any of you actually sample “tofurkey?” Did you eat too much? Most important: how was the pie?

And now that Thanksgiving is over, how many of you plan to – or already have – brave the “Black Friday” chaos? I read that some stores here in Great Falls opened at 3:30 am. Crazy. I love a bargain, but there is no way I would get up that early to hustle and jostle competing shoppers. And besides – why venture out for bargains when you can get them online?


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  1. I spent the day at my roommate’s gradmother’s house with her family out on the Washintgon peninsula. It was beautiful and rainy and green.

    No tofurkey, but I had Cascade Berry Pie. It was one of the most delicious pies I’ve ever tasted!

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