Blogger Rides

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Anyone visiting GreaterFalls because of the Tribune article about “Blogger Rides?” If this is your first time visiting, welcome! Thanks for stopping by – hope you enjoy your stay! For regular visitors, well…you know what to expect. Cheerleading and rah-rah for Great Falls 🙂

So – how many of you correctly guessed which of the three vehicles is mine? Better yet: how many of you know the name of my ride, which – as the Trib article pointed out – is named after a vehicle from one of my favorite 60s TV shows?

And regarding the vehicles driven by my fellow blog-buddies, Cindy and Greg: I guessed wrong. Oops!



  1. I saw that in today’s paper and knew, with out even looking at the bloggers, that your picture would be there somewhere…anyone who knows you knows your rig!

  2. Since I know both you and Gregg, the process of elimination is fairly simple for me. I don’t know about names for the others, but only one could be Black Beauty.

    Hmm, what could we name the bike?

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