Video Test

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Something that I am thankful for: you! Yeah, I’m flattering you because I need a little help with a test. I think that I’ve figured out a way to serve up video clips better, faster, etc, over at I created two pages with embedded Flash video clips – no separate window to launch, no new (or second) media player to launch. So here’s where I need your help: take a look at one or both of the pages (Morning Show clip, One Class clip), and let me know if the video works, and if it’s easier, better, or otherwise working well for you. Give ’em a spin, then come on back here and drop a comment (including browser or OS you’re using, if it’s not too much trouble). Thanks!

UPDATE: thanks everyone! Appreciate the feedback. Sorry that one of the videos was unavailable. It’s great to hear that the available video played just fine – especially on Macs. Good to see some Chrome users, too!



  1. The second one works great but the first one comes up as unavailable and I’m using XP with Internet Explorer. Hope that helps! Happy Thanksgiving to all in Great Falls!!!

  2. First one is unavailable, the second one plays fine visually, but the audio was so low that even with all of my volume settings maxed it was still a bit on the quiet side.
    XP home sp3 and Firefox 3.04

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