Where’s The Snow?

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What a beautiful day! November 25, clear blue skies, about 50 degrees. But…where’s the snow? This is the week that we usually get a nice fluffy layer of the white stuff: back in 2005, we had a pretty decent snow storm on the 27th; in 2006, we had a blanket of snow on the 25th; and last year, it was a winter wonderland on the 27th. Unfortunately, the forecast for the rest of the week doesn’t offer much hope for snow:

no snow in the forecast

So come on, people: let’s put more effort into wishing for snow! Work with me here!



  1. Great Falls Born & Raised.
    Living and working in Arizona…Its been really warm here too. Our 1st front is supposed to arrive this week. Calling for snow above 5000 ft….That should include Prescott. Really miss the weather changes from G.F. Thanks for the Montana updates, It brings me closer to my roots. Big Sky Chef

  2. Nope. Don’t want the snow yet. I’ve got some new projects going that need a few more days of nice weather. On the other hand, I did manage to get the Christmas lights up before there was six inches of snow on the ground, so maybe I should consider myself ahead of the game…

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