I Can’t Drive…45?

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One of my biggest pet peeves (odd phrase, that) is watching people zip by me as I dutifully obey the posted speed limit. But then I stop to think that maybe, just maybe, these rushing people just don’t know what the speed limit is, somehow having missed the posted signs. So in the spirit of public service, let me make an announcement:

speed limit on 10th ave south bridge is 45 mph!

Contrary to what too many people seem to believe, it is not a “free for all” zone where you can slam on the gas and zip across at speeds approaching 60 mph. It seems to be especially bad for people who are driving west, towards the Marketplace. Once they pass the intersection at 2nd Street and hit the bridge, it’s as if they’ve been possessed by some sort of literal speed demon.

Come on, people – take your time. You’re not going to get to Barnes & Noble that much faster by speeding – especially if you’re caught and spend ten minutes visiting with a law-enforcement officer.



  1. I agree with you whole-heartedly. You know what my biggest pet peeve is? Those who head west on 10th over the bridge are in the left lane(passing lane) from Prospector going 35 all the way down to Marketplace, to make their left turn, instead of getting over into the right lane. It pisses alot of people off, so they get into the right lane & speed up to get around these idiots!! Move over into the right & do your 35 & let the rest of us that would like to go 45, in the left lane. But, YES, there are alot of idiots who speed no matter what the posted limit is.

  2. “Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?”

    George Carlin

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