CE3K? Meteor Seen In Great Falls

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Heard two reports that people have seen “something” above the big hill on the north side of town within the last hour or so – up by Old Havre Highway? – something large, bright, and possibly gold. Meteor? Swamp gas? Helicopter? UFO? Any of you seen anything unusual in the sky lately?

UPDATE: thanks to Kirsten for the news link – turns out it was indeed (likely) a meteor up in Alberta somewhere. Thanks to the other folks for sharing what they saw!

MORE UPDATE, Friday mid-day
: story posted over at KRTV, including some pix & video. Way cool. If I had seen it happen – live – probably would have freaked me out, too.



  1. I was heading home from hunting and saw a “ball of fire” streak staight down through the cloud deck. It was a redish orange color. I was driving into a draw so I did not see it impact. It did look like the horizon lit up as if it did. The closest way I can describe it to is it looked like a video of the space shuttle taking off throug the clouds, except it was falling not climbing. Wierd??????????

  2. My husband, myself, my father and sister in law (in two vehicles) were just returning from the Sieben Ranch southeast of Cascade after hunting elk today…at approx 5:25pm, something VERY large fell from the sky…we watched this huge “fireball” fall straight out of the sky…lit up the clouds…and disappear(?) on the horizon (we were on a lower point of a dirt road, so it looked like it disappeared behind the hill in front of us) anyway, it lit up the sky and was really bright. We asked sis and dad (in their truck behind us in our Suburban) via walkie talkie “what the heck was that?” and they confirmed they had also seen it and had no idea…made the comment it looked like a missle…we were very upset because it appeared to be in the vicinity of G.F. and our 5 kids were home there…anyway, we still have no idea what it was and cannot believe there is no “aftermath”…it was NOT a shooting star, meteor, etc…it was WAY BIGGER than that. Hubby says it looked like the Space Shuttle launching but backwards because it fell from the sky rather than going up. WEIRD…I’m still a little bit shaken and definately freaked out…

  3. HA! we aren’t crazy! Apparently, a huge meteorite or something landed up in Canada…I can’t believe it was that far away…it looked so close! It must have been amazing from up there…hope it didn’t do too much damage, so far they haven’t said it’s a meteorite for sure, or where whatever it is landed…

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