Cold Hard Cash on Letterman

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That was cool – Cold Hard Cash did a great job on Letterman! The only bad thing was that Letterman had some bit early in the show that dragged on way too long – something about a slacker intern – and it cut into Jack Hanna’s AND Cold Hard Cash’s screen time.
And really – why did he have to have Carla Bruni on tonight? With Hanna and Cold Hard Cash, he should have gone with another Montana guest and made it a Big Sky trifecta! So by the time CHC finished “Folsom Prison Blues,” time had run out, and Dave barely had time to thank the band and tell them that this is the second time that he’s enjoyed their music.

UPDATE: full story posted at KRTV – including a video clip of the performance!

Here’s a shot of Cold Hard Cash playing at “Alive @ Five” in downtown Great Falls last summer:

Cold Hard Cash in Great Falls, Montana

Check out the Cold Hard Cash website, or visit the MySpace page – you can listen to some of their music and check out pix.


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