Trek: The Next Frontier

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Began watching “Star Trek” in about 1980. Got hooked. Loved it. Went to all the movies (#4 wasn’t as great as so many people think, by the way). Fell for “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” which finally gave us (mostly) production values worthy of Trek. Never “got” DS9, although I tried. Watched some Voyager, gave up on “Enterprise” after a few episodes. Slowly became disillusioned with the franchise after the last couple of “Trek” movies.

But now…there’s a chance. Just a chance. Maybe the Star Trek legend will be reborn. Rebooted, if you will, just as the Batman legend was given new life with “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight.”

I am fully prepared to be disappointed, but as long as there’s a chance that Abrams and crew get this right, I will believe. And I will be there on opening weekend.

And if you’re wondering what this has to do with Montana and Great Falls…it’s quite simple, actually, although if you’re not a Trek fan you can be forgiven for not understanding. You see, the creator of “warp drive” was (or will be) Zefram Cochran. In the year 2063. And he invented (will invent) warp drive using a converted nuclear missile, blasting off on mankind’s first warp-driven flight from a missile silo complex in north-central Montana. So without Montana – without Malmstrom – Star Trek might not even exist.



  1. Loved the 60’s series with William Shatner, but could never get my mind wrapped much around Voyager, Next Generation, or Deep Space Nine.

    I did, however, like very much, Enterprise.
    Cochrane’s first warp-capable vessel, the Phoenix, was built in Bozeman, Montana.(according to the story line)

  2. I will be seeing this as well. I loved the original series, TNG, and Voyager, Didn’t care for DS9 or Enterprise. However I liked ST IV just for the humour, Although I will agree it wasn’t the best but I will still rate it better than any of the movies after it. IMHO

  3. I’ve alweays loved ST. Grew up on it.

    JJ Abrams has a pretty good track record, so I think this movie stands a chance of being very good. Not perfect, but good.

  4. Just when we all thought the Star Trek culture was gone a few years ago when all things Star Trek were sold at Christie’s Auction. Reminds me of 2010: Odyssey Two, when they had to re-create the sets from 2001: A Space Odyssey, purely from frames of the movie as the ’60s set was destroyed. Star Trek historical tidbit: The Enterprise technical manual (showing the complete layout of the ship) was designed with only one bathroom for a crew of 500. Which brings up another point: Just like the rejuvenated Batman series, I read where they (JJ Abrams) had to update the technology while staying with the story line. The 60’s communicator is now ‘older’ than today’s cell phone, so that was a challenge for them.

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