Rumor Control

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1. Heard that a new pretzel place might be opening up in Holiday Village Mall. If true – hooray! Oh, how I’ve missed Neon Pretzel! I used to love ordering a tasty gyro from Little Athens, and while waiting for Nick to make it perfect, jump across the hallway and grab a pretzel to nibble on.

2. Rumor that a “call center” of some sort – possibly on NW Bypass? – is shutting down.

Anyone with info on either of these rumors…? Drop a comment here or use the handy Contact form – thanks!

looks like both rumors are no longer rumors – got confirmation that the Cellular One call center did indeed close today (sad), and learned that the pretzel place opens tomorrow (glad)!


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  1. Yep – Chinook Wireless, aka Cellular One, shut down their call center this morning, moving their customer service division to Texas.

    As far as the pretzels, right again! Twisted Pretzel will be making those delicious, soft pretzels, probably starting tomorrow. I’ll be there for one. I used to love those things when I was a kid.

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