Thank You, Veterans

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Montana Veterans Memorial in Great Falls:

Montana Veterans Memorial

It’s a beautiful place. If you haven’t visited yet – you should.

This is the first Veterans Day since 1986 that I am not in the Air Force. It’s strange – now that I am no longer serving, I feel even more gratitude towards those who do. Does that make sense? Any other vets feel the same way?



  1. Amen, my dear. I can understand why your perspective has changed… you are not in the service “living the life”. How you view it is bound to change.

    My thanks to all vets, current, past, and future.

  2. I understand the way you are feeling. I was just sitting here today with the same type of thoughts. Bless every vet, Current, Past, Future.

  3. Robert served in the Marines in Viet Nam. He went through the siege of Khe Sanh…he likes the memorial here. It’s such a peaceful place to go, and it’s so tastefully done. We like to walk through the circle…and see the names.

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