Diamonds By Design

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*bump to top* This is sad for Great Falls: Diamonds By Design is shutting down. It’s a nifty jewelry store downtown, sort of co-located with Dragonfly Dry Goods.
But it’s good news for Allyson, a great gal who is moving on to bigger & better things…and it’s good for you, if you’re looking for some great deals on diamonds and jewelry! Allyson authorized me to promote her going out of business sale – so read this, print it out, head on downtown, and find a bargain!

Diamonds By Design going out of business sale


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  1. I found out Sunday, about the invite only sale. When I, my wife, and Dustin went in to get a few ideas (for each other) for Christmas and “rocks” were mighty high on my agenda.

    Sunday wasn’t a very good day anyway, in that Poulsens was closed for inventory, the pawn shops didn’t have the rifle I wanted, and there was to be no bargain jewelry shopping.

    The only true highlight of the day though, was when Dustin got McDonalds. He’s not even two years old yet and you can’t drive by those golden arches without him letting you know about it. By the time we got to the Dragonfly, he was a regular catsup monster from head to toe. heh .. wonder what Allyson thought of that? heh.. She’s got some pretty cool stuff in there though, so we did well to keep Dustin in check.

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