Tony Roma’s Closing

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Looks like some of the rumors are true: Tony Roma’s will close on December 31. And until then, it will be open only from 4-9 pm on Mon-Thu, apparently. After that, it will likely be “re-purposed” into an On The Border restaurant, which should open in April.

There was an “all-hands” meeting at Tony Roma’s this morning, and the staff was told about this. Most of them will be able to keep their jobs by moving temporarily to Chili’s or Macaroni Grill until (likely) On The Border opens, at which point they will be able to move “back” over there.

Two things: it’s sad to lose Tony Roma’s. I really like it – and as noted earlier, their Cheesy Burger is probably my favorite in town. But it’s good that it’s going to transform into another restaurant. Never been to an On The Border – but it sure sounds good. And it will give Great Falls another Mexican/Tex-Mex choice; not “fast” food like the beloved Taco Treat and Taco John’s, and not quite as “authentically” Mexican as Fiesta en Jalisco, but a nice mid-range Tex-Mex place.



  1. Sorry to hear about Tony Roma’s too…it wasn’t my favorite restaurant in town, because it seemed to vary too much in quality of the ribs…I didn’t go there too often because of it.

    But On The Border is a really good TexMex place. I have yet to eat at a bad one…I have only been to three, but each was multiple times.

  2. We already have too many Mexican restaurants here, I think that Tony roma’s was way better than chili’s or mac grill. I can’t believe that the owners of tony roma’s are that short sited to not be able to stick it out until the novelty of chili’s and mac grill wear off.

  3. I liked going to Tony Roma’s not necessarily for the food, but the customer service made up for the greatness in food. Every time my wife and I have gone, the ribs and food were ehhhh, but the staff was great, everyone was friendly and service was quick. I hope that the OTB has better food as long as the staff stays the same.

  4. I’ve never been to an OTB, but if their Tex-Mex is as good as Mac Grill’s Italian, then I’m ok with it. I agree that the owners (Shoot the Moon LLC) should have waited until the novelty factor of Chili’s and Macaroni Grill (which they also own) wore off to see if they could get their audience back, but OTB is in the same family of restaurants as the other two so it kind of makes sense to put them all together. I will miss the green beans and the chicken at TR, but I have never been a huge ribs fan. Gonna have to take my hubby there for his birthday to bid his favorite ribs good-bye. At least you’ll still be able to get the sauces at the grocery store.

  5. I love OTB and worked there in Phoenix. So I emailed the corporate office to find out if in fact they were to open here in GF and sadly they are not. The woman who responded to my email said that she would pass the email on to the department that handles acquiring new restaurants. I was so bummed because OTB is the freshest Mexican I’ve ever tasted and I know it would do really well here.

  6. Do NOT buy any “Tony Roma’s Riblets” manufactured by Rupari Food Services in FL! They tasted just TERRIBLE and I also got SICK from them!

    When I tried to get my MONEY back (as their is a guarantee on the outside of the box), Patrick Imasuen, who still has refused to identify himself to me, kept giving me a hassle, REPEATEDLY over the fact I wanted my MONEY back instead of COUPONS! Then AFTER I reported Patrick Imasuen to Tony Roma’s Corporate office, Patrick sent me a NASTY e-mail, saying “You must have too much time on your hands!”

  7. All three of the restaurants in that area are owned by Shoot The Moon LLC, which is bringing a variety of casual dining to Great Falls. However I do not believe the owners are truly interested in repeat loyal customers. The consistency of food preparation and service is enough for me to say no thanks. Travelers on the other hand, looking for a familiar name will keep going. And when that customer runs thin,,, the restaurant will close and reopen under a new name and theme. Guess I’ll stick with the local joints.

  8. I don’t know what BJ got, but I was googling around while these were in the microwave and after reading that expected them to be terrible but they’re actually really good. Hopefully I won’t throw up my guts a week from now, but if you’re considering buying them you might give it a go.

  9. I never said the ribs at Tony Roma’s Restaurant WEREN’T excellent! We used to frequently eat at their Tony Roma’s Restaurant located in the Beaverton, OR area before they closed it about 4 or 5 yrs. ago.

    I was speaking strictly about the “Tony Roma’s Riblets” manufactured by Rupari Foods Services”, which taste absolutely NOTHING like the ribs served in the Tony Roma’s Restaurants! The ones that I am talking about AREN’T fit for a DOG to eat and if “Hydrocarbon” thinks they taste pretty good, maybe it’s because he works for Rupari Foods, or perhaps he is actually Imasuen, himself?

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