This Week’s Incredibly Stupid Statement (TWISS)

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Aren’t Democrats (or liberals, or progressives) supposed to be known for their tolerance, inclusion, and compassion? Here’s a screenshot of a couple of tweets (brief messages posted on Twitter) that were posted after the election by a semi-well known Montanan:

BHO almost won in Montana. Palin rednecks in the backwoods of Montana gave McCain the state.

Geez. “Palin rednecks in the backwoods of Montana.” I fuzzed out the tweet in the middle, as it nearly reveals the person’s identity, and the whole point of this exercise is for you to guess who this person is. Here’s some clues: although he doesn’t live in Great Falls, he has lived & worked here in the past, and he was doing some “temp” work here in Great Falls on election day when he typed the statement. Any guesses?

UPDATE: The person who tweeted it was Jim Gray – a former reporter who, at the time he tweeted it, was working as the News Director at KFBB in Great Falls.



  1. I’ve got a feeling that if some of our all so very tolerant ObamaBots knew the real history about things like civil rights, they’ld be so way less likey to be chumming up so close to the Dem’s right about now.

  2. I guess I’m a bit confused here. It seems as if in one sentence, we’re decrying the supposed insensitivity of one group based on the use of a perjorative term, and then using a not-so-nice word in the next statement to refer back to that group.

    I’m also leery of the vague allusion to “the real history about things like civil rights”. It’s absolutely true that some Republican leaders in our nation’s past have been instrumental in combatting racism and discrimination. But for a person to be naive enough to attribute the qualities of a few to the entire group is absurd.

    When I was stationed @ Ft. Campbell, I was driving to the movie theatre one night. A group of White men in a large pickup truck started throwing trash at my car and yelling out “nigger” at me.

    At that moment, if I were to follow the implicit syllogism of the above statement referencing the “real history about things like civil rights”, then I would simply assume that ALL White people are like that.

    I didn’t, duh. When we attempt to ascribe the values of individuals to a group, we’re doing ourselves an intellectual disservice.

    So, I’m going to have to express my confusion as to what is the real intent of this thread?

  3. I’m with Chuck on this- what, precisely, is the point?

    Dave, your comment seems like it’s pointing out one Twitter or statement online and painting an entire set of people with that brush. Am I misinterpreting? Are you just pointing out this particular person’s ham-handed and hyperbolic statement? I think that’s the case but I can’t quite tell.

  4. ” ..tolerant, inclusive, and compassionate …” these days really only works if both parties find themselves in total agreement on an issue. This has been proven over and over again through the years on both ends of the political spectrum.

    Statements like the one Jim made above only serves to disrupt the unity that Obama is trying so desparately to achieve. It appears, by Jim’s remark above, that even the seemingly most intelligent among us have missed the meaning of a very simple message. Hence the term, “ObamaBot”. (those who don’t get it and would rather follow along blindly)


    Here we have a seemingly intelligent, presumably influential person making remarks that one would think only a “Palin redneck in the backwoods of Montana” would make … but didn’t.
    That’s one helluva way to achieve unity, doncha think?

    Palin, in my opinion, was just one more part of our most recent GOP dog and pony show.
    I wasn’t on board with Palin, just like I’m not on board with Obama’s changey-feely unity propaganda.

    Don’t worry about the *broad brush strokes here folks. I am just as disgusted with the GOP as I am about Obama’s B.S. about unity.

  5. Thanks for the support, Lachlan.

    “Jim” doesn’t speak for me, Dave. Just like I’m sure David Duke doesn’t speak for you, even though you are both White. “Jim” can strike one incredibly small blow to Barack’s desire to achieve a UNITED States, but what are you doing when you bring focus to “Jim’s” incredibly small blow?

    Query: “Wasilla hillbillies.” A phrase used by who to describe what? Should I assume, then, that everyone from Wasilla would conduct themselves in the same manner as that city’s First Family? When Republicans refer to one of their own in this fashion, what lesson can “Jim” learn?

    [Reference Newsweek,

    Uber Query: When can we all just get back to being Americans?

  6. “Wasilla hillbillies.”

    Now that’s funny.

    I don’t care who shops where and when, or even how much good money after bad they have to spend doing it.

    Nonissues are what they are … “nonissues”.

    Other nonissues include things like gender and race. You don’t lose or win an election based on these two things, at least not in this day and age. Obama didn’t win because he was black, and Clinton didn’t lose because she was a woman. You’ll win or lose based on things like past performance, associations, and here’s two of the biggest ones … “money” and “B.S.”. Obama had plenty of both.

    In so many certain ways I’m glad Obama is black. Now maybe various certain members of the black community can quit calling each other “nigger” for a change, and join the rest of us out here in the real world.

    I don’t agree with Obama. Does this make me a bigot? Unpatriotic? UnAmerican? No … it simply means that I don’t agree. How hard can that possibly be to understand?
    Obama won’t get any more or less respect than what a President of the United States deserves and I’m fine with that.

    Both sides have issues and it’s up to each side to resolve those issues. As a Republican, I’ll do what I can to assist our GOP to find it’s principles and balance. I’m not too concerned about the problems that the Democrats are having right now, simply because I’m not a Democrat. I’ll do what I can, as a good American citizen to clean up my own backyard before I go jumping off into someone elses.

    Of course Jim doesn’t speak for you Chuck, he speaks for the folks who would rather just blindly follow along. And there are a bunch of ’em out there.

    As far as David Duke? I usually treat his type the same way I treat those who would flatter themselves into thinking that the whites are always out to get them … with extreme prejudice. We, as a nation, don’t need either of those types.

    Now, back to your question Chuck;

    “When can we all just get back to being Americans?”

    We are already Americans Chuck .. But it’s discussions like these that will assist us in becoming better Americans.

  7. Lachlan

    I think it’s fair to say that Democrats need to get rid of their Jims, just like we who would be Republican need to get rid of our Palins.

    There’s not a whole hell of a lot of room for these if we ever expect to become a UNITED States.

  8. I agree Dave- and I’m the first to say so in a lot of instances.

    But I find it, to a degree, counter-productive, to focus on small statements by small people. We have enough to worry about a Nation that devoting our energies to calling out stupidity that will affect the larger masses (to me) seems like a better bet.

    And on a smaller level, giving voice to the insipid sometimes achieves the opposite desired effect. 🙂

    Keep on keepin’ on, my friend. I am hopeful that we’re on the right track to healing a lot of the divisiveness in the country.

  9. Lachlan, well said!

    BTW, on the 23rd of November @ Central Christian Church, folks interested in reconciling exercises designed to do just that type of healing will be having dinner at the church. There will be some facilitators in attendance to conduct some cool exercises designed to bring our community together in the aftermath of the presidential election.

    It would be great to have you there, ok?

  10. Jim Gray is a total douchebag! And he’s not a news guy – his wife is president of Max Media, so he gets to abuse power by marriage. He was actually fired from the Flathead Beacon for plagiarism. Ask the editor.

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