Kitty Zen

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Whew. Been a long, hard slog through Election 2008. Campaign ads, cheering, accusations, rhetoric, believing, tension, promises, scandals, excitement, and so much more. Now that the election is over, however, it’s time we all took a break. A few moments of relaxation. Time out. Pause. Relax.

And here is some Kitty Zen to help:


All together now: AWWWWWWWW! Just look at that tiny face, and that adorable little nose.

This little fella (or gal?) is staying at Best Friends Animal Hospital, where I stopped by to visit my bestest little friend in the world (the son I never had), a certain little pup who is half-poodle, half-Yorkie, and 100% tuff. The official name for such breeds is “Yorkie-poo,” but I think they should be called “Porkies” (PO-odle + yoRKIE, get it?). Doctor Norton and his crew, as always, are taking great care of him.

On the way out, I spotted this little 3-week old kitten (and his sister – or her brother?) playing in their cage, chewing on a leash, batting a clipboard that was hanging on the bars, and generally just looking wide-eyed at the world. And yes, this kitten is looking for a home.

You’re welcome.



  1. Ya know – it’s a good thing I married the man that I did, otherwise I’d be adopting kitties and puppies all over the place. I’d be broke trying to pay for all the food. Geez Dave – pull on my heart strings a little why don’tcha….*grin*

  2. What a darling – but no vacancies at my house! We’re full up, but I do appreciate a man who makes no secret of his affection for cats. In fact, I married one. Let me know if this little one finds a home…

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