Election 2008 Wrap

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So in the end, Montana didn’t go “blue” – but it was much closer than anyone would have thought just several months ago. Congratulations to President-elect Barack Obama, and gratitude (and sympathy) to Senator McCain and Governor Palin. I’m still amazed that McCain got the nod in the primaries. If it had been Romney/Palin…but I digress.

There’s a good wrap of the local races over at KRTV, and here’s a look at what some other Great Falls bloggers have to say:
GF Girl: It’s over. Thank goodness. Could the results have been better? Oh yeah.
Gee Guy: Sure, I disagree with him on most everything…but it’s hard not to take pride in the peaceful transition of power even so.
The Other Dave: Reagan made us feel good about ourselves. Obama, on the other hand, wants us to feel good about him
Ataricat: I’m definitely pleased with the results.

And Chuck pointed me to a neat YouTube page featuring “Video Your Vote” interviews at Montana ExpoPark yesterday. Very cool.

As for me? Sort of like Gee Guy – I disagree with most of what Obama has said, but I’m trying to be optimistic that President Obama will rise to the challenge and be a great President. Trying to believe that the cold, hard facts of reality will force him to re-evaluate some of his proposed policies and not hand the Pelosi/Reid crowd a blank check (literally & figuratively).

I want him to be a great President. I want to believe. It’s hard to gin up my usual cheerful attitude when pondering an Obama administration, but until he is sworn in as our next President, I’ve got to give him the benefit of the doubt. Campaign speeches and election rhetoric are one thing, but what he does when he takes the Oath of Office is what will define him – and America.


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  1. “Reagan made us feel good about ourselves. Obama, on the other hand, wants us to feel good about him.”

    I have the exact opposite reaction. And what fascinates me is that the other Dave and I are listening to the same words, and it makes me want to serve, defend, and enrich this country.

    Fascinating. People are complex creatures!

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