Election Thoughts

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– Contrary to what every pundit and analyst and campaign supporter has told us, this is NOT the most important election in American history. Every election is the most important – or to be precise, the next election is always the “most important.” The only one that matters – the only one that is important – is the one that is next on the calendar.

– Biden is from Delaware – the first state. McCain is from Arizona (mostly), Obama from Hawaii (sort of), and Palin from Alaska – the last three states admitted to the Union.

– Every analyst and pundit keeps telling us that Missouri/Virginia/Iowa/Pennsylvania/etc has voted for the winning candidate in every election except 1956/1992/1964/etc, and that no candidate can win without the support of Smith/Clark/Fairfield/Springfield county. ENOUGH. Just stop it. Every election is full of surprises, and every precinct, county, and state is bound to pick a winner most of the time. Don’t base your predictions on one-off election instances.

– The contrarian in me can’t wait to see how McCain supporters will react to an Obama win, or the Obama supporters to a McCain win. Which side will take the loss hardest? Will heads explode?

– Any election thoughts to share from you? How was your voting experience (if you voted at ExpoPark today)? GF Girl voted and tells us how it went.



  1. Thank freeking gawd it’s over.

    I can’t ever recall a time in my life when I was so unimpressed … by both the Democrat and the Republican candidates.

    Oh, and I think these women who would choose to run, should practice the art of “not screaming” when they put on a speech.

    Both Clinton and Palin drove me nuts nearly every time they stood up to say something.

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