Tony Roma’s…?

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Anybody heard anything about something going on with Tony Roma’s? I’ve been asked a couple times in the last week if I’ve heard anything about the menu changing, or something else “big” going on with the restaurant. New menu, new theme…or even a wholly different restaurant? I haven’t heard or seen anything. You?

UPDATE: according to an article in Nation’s Restaurant News last year, it is possible that our Tony Roma’s will become an On The Border:

Brinker International Inc. said Tuesday it has signed an agreement with Shoot The Moon LLC of Great Falls, Mont., to develop five On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina restaurants in southern Idaho, Montana and Utah.

And there is currently only one On The Border in the states listed, so four more are on the way. Hardly proof-positive, but definitely a possibility.



  1. I’ve heard they’re changing to On the Border. It’s one of the other Brinker concepts along with Chili’s et. al. Hope the rumor is true. Can’t wait for Tex-Mex.

  2. That’s a several months old rumor. I spoke specifically to the manager and they said that it wasn’t going to happen because they won’t move an On The Border into an existing structure.

  3. I heard from a pretty good source last week that sometime at the end of December /beginning of January, Tony’s is turning into a On the Border. SO if you are a big fan of Tony’s, better get your fill in.

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