Tar Heel, Big Sky

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Got a phone call from area code 551 a few minutes ago, and puzzled over the unfamiliar number. What the heck – I answered it, and was greeted by a pleasant female voice asking me if I have voted yet. Nope. Well, the voice continued, have I given any consideration to voting for Kay Hagan? Uh…I scanned my memory banks and couldn’t find a reference. I’m pretty familiar with most of the regional races in Montana (thanks to the nifty Candidate Profiles!), and the name didn’t ring a bell.

So I asked what district Kay Hagan is running in, and the voice replied, “The entire state of North Carolina!” Whoa. I explained that I’m in Montana, and the caller expressed mild puzzlement, apologized, and explained that she must have been connected to the wrong number. Ya think?

Hm. Well, our own Senator Tester campaigned on Hagan’s behalf recently. And I met Tester on Thursday when he stopped by the KRTV studio, so maybe he gave her my phone number. After all, it’s possible that he was so impressed with me that he quickly did some Googling, found my contact information, and passed it on to Hagan’s staff in an effort to recruit me into some sort of…um…nefarious plot to swing the North Carolina Senate race?

And FWIW – area code 551 is New Jersey.


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