Golden Corral Fire

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Breaking news: the Golden Corral is burning over at the Marketplace. Haven’t been there in a while, but for a buffet-style restaurant, it was pretty good. Never had a bad meal there. Sad – looks like it’s going to be a total loss. No one was hurt, thank goodness. Story, pictures, and video over at KRTV. If you have any pictures to add, e-mail me at david AT

ALSO: just discovered that Curtis here in Great Falls has started a blog down at Barrow Road – and he has some more pictures of the Golden Corral ablaze (one of which he was kind enough to share with KRTV – thanks!)


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  1. On my way home I would like to say I was suprised, but I wasn’t, at how far traffic was backedup at Exit 0 from people going to see Golden Corral burn…glad I was in the left lane and scooted right by and got on the interstate and headed home….

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