Name That Band

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Got an e-mail from a friend and I need your help:

I’m trying to find a band that I heard at the Loading Zone back in July. My sister really liked them and thinks she might want them to play her wedding. I think their name was “Shades of Blue”, it might have been gray though. If you know anything about them or how to get in touch with them please let me know.

So – can any of you ID the band in question? If you do, you might score an invite to the wedding 🙂



  1. The Triple Crown provides lodging for the Loading Zone out-of-town entertainers. I believe one of the bands that stayed with us this summer was “Shades of Blue”. However, I suggest you contact the owner of the Loading Zone, Rich, for further information.

    He books all of the entertainment for the Loading Zone, and I’m confident he would be happy to provide you with contact information for this band.

  2. The group, Shades of Blue, checked-in this evening at the Triple Crown (they are playing at the Loading Zone tonight). I obtained contact information for them if anyone is still trying to locate them.

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