Good Burger

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In light of the recent entry about burgers, someone asked me the other day where the best burger in town can be had…and as much as I would love to say that a local Great Falls eatery serves up the best, I’ve got to admit that Tony Roma’s “Cheesy Burger” probably gets my vote. It is downright awesome. Especially with bacon (duh).

Good Time Charlie’s burgers are darn good, too, and they have the best fries in town to boot. And you can’t beat 24-hour convenience for those late, late night cravings!

Missouri River Diner and Ford’s Drive-In rate pretty high, too. And Fuddrucker’s serves up pretty good burgers, although The Other Dave was not impressed.

What say you? Best burger in town can be found at __________?



  1. Fuddruckers may have improved … afterall, it’s been years since I’ve been in there. (no plans to ever go back though)

    My taste for beef was developed back in the 60’s/70’s … you know … back in the days of real food.

    Low fat can take so much out of a good food experience. Restaurants don’t even serve whole milk anymore, if that tells you anything.

    I’m not much of a low fat fan. I like taste and substance. I like food that’s whole and good for you … low fat food is neither whole, nor is it good, in my opinion.

    Good Time Charlie’s could be considered good, that is, if you can get past the wafer thin meat and the 7 dollar price tag. 4B’s can do a much better job of serving it up for roughly a third less the price and a few more ounces of beef.
    I’ll put Good Time Charlie’s into the same class as The Prospector, with regard to their dry buns and bland low fat taste.

    Ford’s does okay too, but lacks a bit when you put them up against the Double Barrel.

    Aside from the low fat craze, I think experience plays into how a burger is cooked. If you’re cooking for a wage of 8 dollars an hour, and you’ld rather be at the ball field, then you aren’t going to do even half the job as the one who likes what he does. Owners or others that might have a vested interest in the restaurant itself, will, by a higher margin, serve up a better burger …

  2. The best burger in town can be found at: my BBQ.

    O.K., so I’m not in the area anymore nor is anything that comes off my BBQ for sale, but for my money, I like to do it myself. An elk and/or deer burger with a few secret ingredients and all the fixin’s can’t be touched, in my opinion.

  3. Ah Doug, you beat me to it! That’s exactly what I was gonna say. I don’t care where you go, nothing’s better than doing it yourself. I like some funky stuff. I like to mix some garlic pepper and shredded pepper jack cheese right in with the meat (beef, deer, or elk) while I’m forming it into burgers, or throw in a little worchestershire sauce. And doing it myself lets me perfectly toast and pick what bun I’m feeling up for – either a kaiser bun or a Wheat Montana whole wheat one. Man, I should have eaten lunch before I did this.

  4. My big beef (ha!) with restaurant burgers these days is that most places insist on cooking them to death because of the e. coli risk. The last couple of times I tried to order one, they wouldn’t leave it medium-rare even if I asked and promised not to sue if I got sick! No burger tastes good when it’s good medium-well or more, IMHO.

  5. I prefer buffalo burgers when I can get them- the best being in Gardiner Mt. Recently found buffalo meat at the commissary and it is great on the BBQ at home.
    Here in GF I like Hardees burgers.

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