Crosstown Game

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CMR-GFH Crosstown Game It’s that time again: the big CMR-GFH crosstown football game coming up this Friday! If my math is correct, the Rustlers lead the series 29 to 19, but the Bison have won the last three. So CMR has the overall advantage, but GFH has momentum, but CMR has a better record this season…so who knows? The bottom line is that it should be a fun game – especially since it falls on Halloween, and I suspect (hope) that many fans will be dressed up in costume to make the game a really memorable event.

And there’s a poll over at asking folks to vote for who they think will win. But it’s not just a CMR/GFH poll – you get to vote for WHY you think your team will win – better team, more spirit, or “history” factors!



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