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Some of the more interesting stories over at KRTV:

Great Falls teacher nabs $25,000 award: man, this is cool. The only teacher in Montana to be honored by the Milken Foundation. Wonder if there’s any $25K prizes for outstanding blogging…?

Sex-offender program discussed
: a delicate subject, but I added some informative links at the bottom of the article to make it more useful.

Candidate profiles
: I like this – candidates for Montana House & Senate. No rehearsed scripts, no talking points, no distractions – just them talking about why they are running. More to come.

Montana takes center stage on Letterman show: did any of you catch Tim Montana’s performance on Friday night? Now if we could get Tim to write a song about Great Falls like he did for Butte… And don’t forget that our very own Cold Hard Cash will appear on Letterman in a few weeks!


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  1. Abigail with the gravy pipe on

    What, no pumpkins for their windows? I am referring, of course, to the sex offender site. You might offer them your services – their tables need a little work.

    If you haven’t already searched what creepiness is lurking in your back yard, you will be:
    () relieved
    () startled
    to know that there are only four pages of finishing school graduates living in your zip code.

    And they mix murderers and robbers in with the sexual deviants, so really, you only have about 2 pages of freaks nearby.

    One charming fellow raped a three-year old. Yes, you can see what they did, and where and when they did it. Sex offenders’ pictures are posted. None of these people are, as you probably suspect, particularly attractive.

    Yes, there are hours of fun ahead for anyone who wants to sift through this site!

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