Prospector Restaurant

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Prospector Restaurant in Great Falls

As noted below, we gave the new Prospector Restaurant & Casino a test-drive on Saturday, Let me point out that I ate at the old Prospector once before, about three years ago, and was not impressed; couldn’t even finish my burger & fries. We went in on Saturday night very optimistic, however, prepared to be impressed.

On the menu: nachos as an appetizer; bacon-cheeseburger & fries, a combo platter of fried shrimp, fish, and chicken strips; and a serving of fettucine alfredo.

Let’s employ the Good/Bad/Ugly format for the review:

The Good: it’s really a cool building; log-cabin and wood decor is just beautiful. It’s neat to just drive by the Prospector and take in the lodge-like view. When you walk in, you are presented with two doors: on the left is the door to the casino/bar, and on the right the door to the restaurant. The interior is not quite as fancy as the exterior, but it is nice.

Also good: the service. Everyone we dealt with was friendly, and the service was prompt. We went late, so there wasn’t a crowd, which probably helped.

The bacon-cheeseburger was pretty good, too; a bit small, but good.

The fried fare – shrimp, fish, and chicken – was decent. Nothing to get excited about, but decent.

The Bad: The french fries were somewhere between bland and bad. Didn’t even finish them. The fettucine alfredo was equally bland – and warm in some spots, cold in others. The alfredo sauce was almost pudding-like – ick. Tasted very much like the box-dinner types of pasta; not necessarily bad, but we expected something a bit more tasty from a restaurant.

Prospector NachosThe Ugly: and when I say ugly…WORST. NACHOS. EVER. They should be embarrassed by the nachos. Seriously. Bottom-of-the-generic-bag bits of chips with a few globs of some sort of cheese product, sprinkled with stale bits of burned beef. It was simply bad. Movie-theatre & baseball stadium nachos are better. Heck, I could crack open a bag of Tostitos and melt some Kroger-brand cheese on top and have people lining up to pay for it, compared to these “nachos.”

And re: my burger – they insisted on serving it with a piece of lettuce next to it, with a pickle on top of the lettuce. And when I picked up the burger, there was a one-inch square of brownish-lettuce stuck to the bottom of the bun. Ick. And why?

Overall, very disappointing. Despite the impressive new building and the friendly staff, the food was at best just decent, and at worst un-eatable. Another chance? Doubt it.

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  1. Sigh. I know, Gregg…but I was hoping that with a fancy new building, maybe they would have “kicked it up a notch” in the kitchen, too.

  2. Sounds like the experience I had upon my visit to Fuddruckers 8 or so years back … worst burger (meat) I ever had in my life … needless to say, I haven’t visited a Fuddruckers, any Fuddruckers, since.

  3. Oh, and on the subject of the Prospector …
    Drunk Food would best describe the overall flavor of most of what’s on the menu … sort of like a really bad sounding band in a bar, in that the drunker you get, the better it sounds.

  4. That’s why I never eat at ANY of the casinos. The all serve the same frozen food that’s delivered by the same Sysco truck each morning. Yuck.

  5. Ah, one exception to that…I just have to stand up for The OP’s bar food. They have a damn fine double bacon cheeseburger.

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