RIP, Che

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Che Guevara I never met Che, but he was very close to people who are very close to me – almost family – and Che’s little brother Geno is a friend of my daughter’s. In our small community, it seems that every death touches many people. And Che was so young – only 20 – which makes his death almost surreal and unbelievable.

I was with the family at Benefis in the ER. Parents, cousins, friends. Sadness. Disbelief. Grief. It was almost unbearable, because there’s nothing you can do.

But Che Guevara is – and will be – remembered for his cheerful attitude and optimism. RIP, Che.

UPDATE: here is the slideshow that will be played at the memorial service for Che, with the song “Lean On Me.” Look at that kid’s smile. Damn.



  1. I read that story in the Trib and just thought about what a waste of a young life that was. It happens all too often. My thoughts and prayers are witht he family.

  2. What a terrible tragedy. My heart goes out to his parents and all who will miss him. From the comments I’ve heard, he must have been a very sweet young man.

    However, this is something that should remind us of the importance of seatbelts. Many years ago, when I ran a rental car agency, I rented a car to some young folks who drove from Austin to Houston and back. On the way back, they were front-ended by a drunk driver. The passenger was ejected through the windshield and died at the scene. She wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. The driver, who was, sustained minor injuries.

    I took my kids to see that car, and explained to them what had happened. To this day, 20 years later, the first thing they do when they get into a car is put on their seatbelts.

  3. Che AKA Bubba, Doobie, Gus (inside joke), Cheese,
    I lost my mother 3 years ago, and was a painful experience. My condolences and respects to his immediate family. I was his best friend and never hesitated to call him BRO. He was always in a positive attitude. Rarely, have I seen him mad or angry. Even when he was, he always had that smile of his. Whenever I was doing bad and in the dumps, Che was always making me smile and laugh. He had an excellent, excellent sense of humor. Now I know he’s kicking it with my mother in whom he enjoyed gossiping with. I’ll miss him always. Never again will I drink n drive, in honor of him. I hope we all will.

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