Diebold versus ACORN

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If the 2008 Presidential election is close – and I think it will be – then it sure seems like it’s going to come down to Diebold versus ACORN, doesn’t it? The Diebold conspiracy hasn’t been as prominent in recent months, but the ACORN stuff sure has exploded into the headlines.

Rigged voting machines versus fraudulent voter registration: that is how one side will explain and/or attack the other side for ANY voting irregularities. Maybe, however, both sides will agree that the two balance each other: the number of rigged votes coming in for McCain via Diebold machines will roughly match the number of fraudulent votes coming from ACORN-registered youngsters and/or dead people and/or Mickey Mouse.

Hanging chads? That’s so 2000.


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  1. Wasn’t the Diebold type voting machine a demand of the ACORN crowd post the 2000 hanging chad incident?

    Also nice product placement with the anti-spam word. Capitalism lives!

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