Around the Great Falls ‘Sphere

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Lots going on – let’s get to it: first, some great news for the Smith family – please go welcome Brendan Ryan to the world – what a cutie!

Next up is some snow pix from both Shannon and The Other Dave.

And after a brief hiatus, ReAnn is back, offering holiday shopping tips (yes, it’s time) and stress-reduction tips (cause & effect?).

GF Girl mentioned a new “political committee” being formed – anyone have an update on how the meeting went? She’s also got some insight and news about downtown parking issues.

As for me…I’ve been working on a “KRTV Community” page – archives, community calendar, and a simple contact form (and a new category that I think some of you will really appreciate).

KRTV Community Page

And I’m happy to report that the October Snow Gallery has been a success – we got entries from Great Falls, of course, but also Malta and even Glasgow (where they got nearly 13 inches of snow!).


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