First Snow!

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Woke up to about five inches of the fluffy white stuff – and it’s still coming down! Hooray for October snow!


So it looks like Harley Rider is the winner of the “First Snow” contest with her guess of October 11, and BBx gets an honorable mention for his (her?) guess of October 13!

Don’t forget – be super-careful when you’re driving out there. Yesterday one of my friends hit a patch of ice on the 10th Avenue bridge and bounced into the guardrail. Slow down, keep your distance, and drive defensively, people!

UPDATE: got an October Snow gallery over at KRTV – send me your snow-pix to add!

UPDATE, 9:00 pm:
HOLY COW – be careful out there, people…this is the first time that I’ve ever seen the 10th Avenue South bridge CLOSED in both directions! Heard there was a 7-car pileup. Monday morning – get up a few minutes early, clean your windows, and give yourself a few extra minutes to get to work.



  1. WOOHOO! Ain’t it just gorgeous…we’re sitting here watching the deer frolic through it. Makes it feel like Christmas. It’s so silent and soft. We never got this kind of thing in Texas. They’re still having highs in the 80s…ick.

  2. Well, I’m sorry to lose the contest, but so happy for all of you who love snow that you have gotten your wish — and congrats to Harley Rider!

    Meanwhile, here in Iowa, it’s 78 degrees as I type this on an absolutely beautiful Indian summer day. Translation: No snow for a while!

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