Snow Summary

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And now the snow is falling! Finally! Big, fluffy flakes! Nothing like what other parts of Montana are getting, but probably enough that we will have a winner in the First Snow Contest today. Probably.

Which reminds me that it was October 11, 2002, that I experienced my very first Montana snow. It was a Friday, a little after 5:00 pm, and it was magical.

And now here’s a “Snow Summary” for my fellow snow-lovers:

Snow in June: just a few months ago, we got seven inches of snow – in June!

Snow in August: back in 1992, Great Falls received eight inches of snow – in August!

Rain or Snow? a little poll asking which you prefer – dreary, grey, wet rain, or beautiful, white, fluffy snow?!

Virtual Snow: two cute snow-based games to get you in the spirit!


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