Van’s IGA

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Heard there was quite a to-do at Van’s IGA today (both stores). My source reported that they were conducting a HUGE sale – including bacon for 49 cents! – and that the store on 10th Avenue South was absolutely mobbed. A band playing. Lines stretching to the very back of the store. People waiting for carts – or using laundry baskets to tote their goods to the register. She said that it even got a bit ugly among some shoppers, to which I replied, “Hell, I’d take a swing at someone for 49-cent bacon.”
Any first-hand accounts of the experience?


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  1. My mum said that she went to check it out, finally got a park at the Flamingo, and once she got in, decided to leave because it was too insane, and it took her 15 minutes to get out.


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