First Snow – This Week?

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Remember the First Snow Contest? Looks like we’ve got our first semi-credible chance of a winner coming up later this week!

Snow Possible In Great Falls This Week!

Yay! Can’t wait to see some of that fluffy white snow drifting (or blowing) down to earth! Granted, a 40 or 50% chance is no guarantee, but it still makes me happy just to see the word SNOW in our forecast. And temps dropping below that magical freezing mark – woohoo!

But remember: the contest stipulates one inch or more of snow, so just a light dusting on Friday might not be enough to put Harley Rider over the top (she guessed October 11).



  1. I do miss those marvelous snowy days — even with the wind. It always made it challenging when I had to go muck out the stalls of our horses! The wind and the snow drifted all the way to the roof of the barn one year and I found one of the horses on the roof after the storm passed! Great memories!

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