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October just might be my favorite month. The weather begins to turn…the crispness in the air…the leaves changing colors…the distinct possibility of snow…Halloween whimsy begins to stir…the darkness begins to come earlier…holiday cheer starts to enter people’s minds and attitudes…so Happy October, everyone!

Which reminds me…it’s also time to celebrate BLOGTOBER!

Celebrate Blogtober!

What is Blogtober? It’s a mini-celebration to promote blogging and the people who enjoy blogging. So how do we celebrate Blogtober? Try some of these ideas:

1. Create your own “Happy Blogtober” button or graphic for your site
2. Get one (or more!) of your buddies to become a blogger
3. Invite some guest bloggers to post
4. Spotlight a blogger that you admire, and explain why
5. Implement some nifty new blog-tool or plug-in
6. Give some pointers about blogging (writing, design, etc) so that new bloggers can better understand what it’s all about
7. Explain why you are a blogger: what it means to you, how it has affected your life, etc
8. If you’re not a blogger but have thought about creating a blog, now is the perfect time! If you need help, just let me know and I’ll walk you through it!

The important thing is to celebrate being a blogger and take pride in your hobby!
So now it’s your turn – take part in Blogtober!



  1. Awww…my mom let the cat out of the bag! It’s true – one of the reasons that I love October is because of my birthday!

    I’m not into astrology, but for some reason I have always been very happy that I am a Scorpio.

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