Missoula: There & Back

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Had to make a quick trip to Missoula a few days ago on behalf of my new employer…good trip, got to meet some of the crew at KPAX and see their facilities (waves to Mark, James, etc). Had a delicious pizza at The Fat Cat, saw many pedestrians and bikers (and did see that Missoula does indeed have parking meters), and TONS of Griz signs and posters.

Here’s a gratuitous shot of the Square Butte south of Great Falls.
square butte south of GF

I took the “long” way to get to Missoula – down to Helena and then across MacDonald Pass, and saw some beautiful snow-capped mountains.
beautiful mountains topped with snow!

And coming home, I took the more direct route, through Lincoln and Simms (near where the bear was caught!).

I’m not sure which way is better: through Helena, or through Lincoln. They both have amazing scenery. and the time difference isn’t enough to really make a difference. I’m glad I took both routes.

Which way do you prefer when you head over to Missoula?



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