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Shameless plug for some books set in and around Great Falls!

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Pete Fromm’s “As Cool As I Am” is a powerful coming-of-age tale of Lucy Diamond, a student at GFHS. I’ve said before that I normally don’t enjoy such books, but this one really is unique; Lucy Diamond is a character that you won’t forget.

Skip Halmes’ “The Cow Whisperer” is just plain funny, offering whimsical tales of life and “business” on a ranch near Cascade (including a few trips to the Driftwood Bar).

And Norma Ashby’s “Rattlesnakes & Movie Stars” is a great way to see how Great Falls TV “grew up” over the years; no surprise that I’ve been poring over it as KRTV gets ready to celebrate its 50th anniversary!



  1. I’m currently reading “The Sportswriter” by Richard Ford, which has nothing to do with Great Falls, being set in New Jersey. However, I noticed last night in the blurbs at the back for other books written by Ford is one called “Wildlife.” The blurb reads:

    “The setting of this luminous novel is Great Falls, Montana, where the Rockies end and where, in 1969, the promise of good times seems as limitless as the sweep of prairies beyond. Great Falls is where the Brinson family hopes to find a better life. Instead, sixteen-year-old Joe Brinson watches his parents discover the limits of their marriage and, at the same time, unexpected depths of dignity and courage remains even when love dies.”

    Has anybody heard of or read it? I’m not sure when it came out.

  2. Was it any good? I’m thinking of looking for it at the library next time I go, but I’ve got so many books in my to-be-read pile that I won’t bother if you give it the thumbs down.

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