Dad Chimes In: What’s So Great?

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Been a while since we’ve had a “Dad Chimes In” entry, but I got an e-mail from him today in response to the “What’s So Great…” entry below. Here is why my father thinks Great Falls is great:

Because you have a very good Mayor
Because my son David resides there and is a solid civic backer and contributor (Okay, so maybe I am just a bit prejudiced in my viewpoint)
Because you have some wonderful wildlife in the area
Because of the grandeur of your scenery
Because of the really nice people that I met on my two visits to your fair city
Because of the many good eateries that I enjoyed on those two trips
Because of the generosity of your populace–such as when they let me leave one of your live poker rooms with over $110.00 in winnings. Now that is what I call being “a good host!”

By the way – the poker room in question was at the 50s Casino, co-located with Howard’s Pizza near the Marketplace.

And on a belated note: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my father’s lovely wife Jacqui!



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