Putting the “Great” in Great Falls

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Back in 2006, the Trib released the results of a “What Makes Great Falls So Great?” survey; I blogged about it back then, but in light of the current conversation, it might pay to re-visit some of the replies:

Great People: 129
Local Parks: 52
River Running Through the City: 52
Rivers Edge Trail: 52
Arts & Culture: 51
Education/Schools: 48
Hunting/Fishing/Outdoor Activities: 47
City Size: 45
Big Blue Sky: 42
Natural Beauty/Nature: 29

So our community has some less-than-stellar aspects, according to some: casinos, downtown despair, etc. I agree with some of the criticism – hell, nobody likes pot-holes.

But our positives – many reflected above – need to weighed against those negatives.

Which weighs more? You all know my answer. Tell me why the “pros” of Great Falls outweigh the “cons” – or vice versa.


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  1. I agree with quite a few of the above: the parks, the beauty, the river, the sky, the outdoor activities, and even the education. However, having lived in Great Falls for my whole life and now living in Tacoma, I’ve realized how narrow the scope of opportunities for youth in Great Falls are. I always had a notion of it, but looking at it from the outside and in comparison to other places, Great Falls really needs to start accepting its youth. We can be noisy, disruptive, and yes, even destructive, but we aren’t any less noisy, disruptive, and destructive when we choose to do silly illegal things, and we aren’t going away.
    Just a thought.

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