Official “First Snow” Entries

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Tick, tock…the game is locked…OK, the contest is now closed – here is the official list of entries arranged chronologically. It ranges from September 23 all the way to November 11.

Sep 23 (Zen Panda)
Sep 30 (Aaron Weissman)
Oct 1 (Epicuria)
Oct 4 (Pappy Yokum)
Oct 9 (Howard – my father, via e-mail)
Oct 11 (Harley Rider)
Oct 13 (BBx)
Oct 14 (Hutch)
Oct 15 (me!)
Oct 17 (Fancy Rants)
Oct 23 (Walter Greenspan)
Oct 25 (Julia)
Oct 27 (Jason)
Oct 31 (Kirsten)
Nov 10 (Courtney)
Nov 11 (Big Sky Chef)

And now some thoughts: Hutch gets humor points for making the funniest entry, wherein he consults with fortune-tellers and a Magic-8 Ball, among others, to come up with his entry. Big Sky Chef gets some precision points for predicting it down to the very minute. Fancy Rants gets some cool points because her latest blog entry has news about the Village People getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Please note that these points don’t help – or hurt – the chances of winning. They’re just fun. Thanks to everyone for submitting their best guess!

And now…we sit back, watch the leaves change colors and drop, feel the temps change, begin breaking out sweaters and light jackets…and we wait and watch…for the first real snowfall of the season!


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