Greatest of Great Falls

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This is going to be fun. The Trib is running a “Greatest of Great Falls” survey so that people can vote for their favorite burger joint, best place to get a parking ticket, most awesome bar, favorite TV personality, best fries, favorite fishing hole – lots of categories.

I was delighted to see a new category, “GF Blog Site,” and both happy and humbled to see GreaterFalls on the list of choices (thx Trib!). Also included were Electric City Weblog and Cindy Cieluch’s blog, both of which are WAY worthy of your vote. You can also type-in any other Great Falls blog.

By the way, all categories offer type-in voting, so if you don’t see your favorite ______ on the list, go ahead and type it in. For instance, in the category of Small Town Restaurant, the absolutely most incredible, awesome, best-steak-in-the-world Highwood Bar isn’t listed, so of course I added it.

I can’t offer to bribe you for voting for my site, but if you do vote for GreaterFalls, then blog-karma will kick in and good things will almost certainly happen to and for you. Seriously. So go visit the Greatest of Great Falls site, cast your votes, and then come on back here and tell me who got your vote and why.



  1. So I am going through the voting now but something I read on the site kind of bugs me. It says, “If you only vote once this year, vote in the Greatest of Great Falls poll.”

    Really? If you only vote once, skip the presidential election. Skip the gubernatorial race. Skip every opportunity to shape our country and instead vote in the Greatest of Great Falls poll. Right. Not the greatest of messages to be spreading in my opinion even if it was put there in good fun.

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