“First Snow” Contest Update

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Here’s an update on the “First Snow” contest; so far 11 people (plus me) have made a SWAG at when Great Falls will officially receive one inch of snow. It’s not too late – if you want to take a crack at it, read the rules and then post your best guess before the contest closes on Sunday night (Sep 21 @ midnight).

Sep 23 (Zen Panda)
Sep 30 (Aaron Weissman)
Oct 1 (Epicuria)
Oct 4 (Pappy Yokum)
Oct 11 (Harley Rider)
Oct 13 (BBx)
Oct 14 (Hutch)
Oct 15 (me!)
Oct 17 (Fancy Rants)
Oct 23 (Walter Greenspan)
Oct 25 (Julia)
Oct 27 (Jason)

The prize: your choice of either this Sandisk Sansa MP3 (refurb) player (similar to this one); or a $15 Amazon gift certificate.


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