“One Of The Best Stories”

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Here’s a cool blog entry from “Sylvia Over The Hill” in Seattle; she used to live here in Great Falls.

We raised our kids in Montana, where my husband was stationed at Malmstrom AFB. When my kids first started to school I had taken a teaching position in the same Catholic school they attended…(o)nce they moved on to public middle schools, I worked at the library for a couple of years and enjoyed that simply because I got to be around books all the time…
But then one day I saw an ad in the newspaper that tweaked my curiosity. It was…a new program in Montana…for a project called Independent Living, designed to help people with disabilities be able to become more integrated into the community. It was something I felt strongly about, something that I felt needed to happen for the disabled and so, although I knew very little about disabilities and knew no disabled people in the community, I knew I was more than willing and able to learn. So, I put in my application. Three days later I had my first interview.

Her entry is titled “One Of The Best Stories Of My Life,” and you should read the whole thing. I suspect that some of you probably know – or know of – Sylvia.


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  1. Thank you — again, David, for your reference. I love your site and will definitely be coming back. For me it’ll be a little like getting to come back to Great Falls for a visit.
    Have a great day! and enjoy!

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