Meeting of the Minds

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Billings Free Press I had the good fortune yesterday to enjoy lunch and great conversation with Randy, one of the nicest (and funniest) guys in Montana. Some of you may know him from his long-running SFO Life blog; he is one of the true “grey beards” of the Montana blogosphere (in blog-years). He is also the proprietor of the awesome Billings Free Press site, which is similar to GreaterFalls except that it’s about what he calls the “Greatest City in Montana.” Topics of discussion included politics (duh), Montana communities and history, the web comic “Sheldon,” and the Big Sky blogosphere in general – hot topics, personalities, controversies, and such. He was also kind enough to present me with three books about Montana history – good stuff. Randy – thanks for the books, the lunch, and the friendship!


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  1. Thank you to you and you’re welcome and I expect a visit by you and your beloved to the Greatest City in Montana; there should be no quotation marks around that phrase since this is true!

    Enjoy the books and remember there WILL be a quiz the next time we meet. 🙂

    Also, I’m looking forward to your review of Sheldon. Maybe Arthur will convert you from geese to ducks!

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