Trivial Pursuit in Cascade

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Driftwood Bar & Grill A perfect day for a little jaunt down to beautiful Cascade, Montana (previous day-trip pix here)! Missed the Burows auction, but stopped in at the Driftwood Bar & Grill for a burger & fries. Cool place, full of people, including a patio party for the UGF Wrestling Team. Basic small-town Montana bar & grill – good stuff.
And then…on one of the tables, there was a video screen with the usual poker and card-style games…but also a trivia game. I am not a very competitive guy, but when it comes to trivia…BRING. IT. ON.

The game was fun: each round started with six multiple-choice questions of varying degrees of difficulty. For instance: what do you call a group of turtles? The choices were bale, cale, dale, flog.
If you make it through the six questions, then you get a “matching” round, where you have to correctly match five things to five other things. Here’s an example: match each country with the approximate population:

1.India 2.Russia 3.China 4.England 5.USA
A.160 million
B. 60 million
C. 1.2 billion
D. 300 million
E. 1 billion

If you make it past the matching round, then it’s on to the dreaded Double or Nothing question…which proved to be our downfall about half the time. I can’t remember any specifics on the DoN, but one of them was something like this: How many electric volts are in one unit of horsepower? Or maybe it was horsepower in volts. The choices were something like 42, 67, 79, and 23, or such. Ack. Didn’t get that one right. But by the time we finished our food…

GreaterFalls triumphs!

GREATERFAL had 8 of the top 10 scores on the game, including the high score. In the words of Stewie Griffin: Victory shall be mine!


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